Faces of the Farm

Meet Terri

As a seventeen year old, entering her senior year of high school in 2015, Terri joined our Summer Youth Program , unsure of what to expect and wary of working in such a new environment. She was unsure and struggled to speak up in unfamiliar settings. But she kept an open mind and embraced the opportunity to enhance her public speaking skills, learn about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating, and utilize the job training resources.

Meet Krista

If you’ve stopped by our farm stand or visited our farm, you might already recognize her. This is Krista’s first year as a city farmer and she’s already become an integral part of our operation here at Common Good.

Face of the Farm: Meet Quinten

Quinten is the Chef at Big Bear Cafe, a neighborhood cafe in Bloomingdale. Quinten and Big Bear Cafe have been a big supporter of Common Good City Farm, especially through purchasing our produce such as our okra, cucumbers, and chard through our Small Enterprise program.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Avi!

Currently one of our dedicated LEAF volunteers, Avi has been a face of the farm for 4 years now! He first visited the farm as a drop-in volunteer. After learning about the opportunity to be a volunteer educator in our LEAF (Learning for Agriculture, Environment, and Food) after-school program, Avi (who used to be a camp counselor) committed to coming to Common Good City Farm on a weekly basis to help teach local kids about gardening, nutrition, and cooking.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Emily!

While much of her time is spent in the office rather than on the Farm, our Office Manager and Field Trip Coordinator Emily is vital to the successful operation of Common Good City Farm. “I first worked with Common Good as a field trip volunteer,” Emily says, “and then in early 2014 I started the Office Manager position.” Since then, Emily has worked primarily behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. “I’m really interested in food justice, and I worked on a rural farm before moving to DC.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Amelie!

For Amelie, the trip is a little farther than most who frequent Common Good City Farm. Amelie travels all the way from Baltimore to attend the Herbal Apprentice Program (HAP), which meets monthly. Amelie found out about the program via the internet, and jumped at the chance to attend as part of the scholarship opportunity. “I really enjoy the teacher, Tricia. It’s so much better to learn from a person than a book,” Amelia says about the HAP program. “It’s also wonderful that so many of the other apprentices come in with their own knowledge.”

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Charlotte and DeVontae

SYP Team Leaders

For our Summer Youth Program (SYP) to run smoothly and be a positive experience for our youth participants, we depend on two wonderful SYP Team Leaders: Charlotte and DeVontae! It is their job to coach and mentor our SYP youth through farm work, workshops, and field trips. Both Charlotte and DeVontae bring years of experience, a bounty of knowledge, and abundant enthusiasm to the program—an excitement about learning and farming that rubs off on our participants throughout the summer.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Josephine!

Josephine at the Farmstand

Josephine is one of the newer faces on the farm, and we are so happy to have her join our team as Program and Outreach Coordinator! Josephine is organizing our Seed-To-Table Workshops, cultivating and expanding our Small Enterprise partnerships, and running our weekly Farm Stand.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Ben!


Ben has been coming to Common Good City Farm, which is located right next to his apartment, since it’s opening in LeDroit Park in 2009. Stop by the farm and you may see him reclining at one of the picnic tables, ready to make lively conversation with any of our staff, volunteers, or visitors. “I didn’t think a farm was going to last that long here,” Ben says with a chuckle, “but I am happily surprised that is has!” Ben, who used to work on farms in his younger years, thinks that having fresh vegetables is a boon for the community. “Its nice for the neighbors,” he says.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet the Participants of our 2015 Summer Youth Program!

SYP 2015

Last week, Common Good City Farm launched our fourth Summer Youth Program. Through this 6-week paid job program, youth participants engage in hands-on farm work while learning about sustainable agriculture, food security, and developing workforce readiness skills. This year, we are joined by 10 exceptional young people. Some youth came to our program through The Mayor Marion S.


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