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Join us for a Field Trip on the Farm this Fall!

Bring your class to the farm this Fall! Field trips are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays and can be scheduled to begin at 9:30 am, 10:00 am, 10:30 am, or 11:00 am. Each field trip is 1.5 hours long and the materials covered meet DCPS standards and can be tailored to specific class requests. Topics include: plant needs, composting and worms, harvesting, insects, and nutrition. Introduce your students to how food grows and the science of urban agriculture.

Cultivating Youth Leaders on the Farm

By Elizabeth Packer

Last Saturday marked the conclusion of Common Good City Farm’s first Fall Internship Program. The inaugural program was a great success. Through the internship, youth participants furthered their knowledge about sustainable food and developed their leadership skills.

Poetry by Endre Osborne, Age 17

Sweat in my glasses
Water in my black bottle
Committed to work

Arriving on time
Serving my community
Feeding my people

Over 5,000
A goal so illustrious
Seedlings of Summer

The kitchen garden
½ acre of veggies
The community garden

Reflections on Wangari Gardens

Part of this summer's program involves taking the youth to other urban agriculture sites in the area, including Wangari Gardens, a community garden located a few blocks from Common Good City Farm. On their visit to Wangari earlier this week, the crew workers were asked to write about what they found most beautiful about Wangari Gardens. Here are some of their responses:

U.S. Surgeon General Promotes a Nation of Healthier Habits

By Abby Massey

We were excited to welcome the United States Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin, on August 3, for the Summer Youth Program’s final Friday Community Lunch. The Crew Workers cooked a healthy lunch with Chef Ebeth Johnson of Whole Foods Market P St using produce from the farm, gave the Surgeon General a guided tour of the farm, and dined with her and community members.

Common Good City Farm’s Teen Farmers Excel

By Abby Massey

For six of the hottest weeks in DC this summer, 16 teens from Washington D.C. and the metro region worked over 90 hours to maintain Common Good’s urban farm. In addition to working on the farm, they volunteered on other farms around the city and Virginia and participated in 60 hours of workshops about gardening, nutrition, sustainable food systems and life skills. The crew workers’ ages ranged from 14 to 17, with varying levels of farm experience—most had never set foot on a farm while a couple of the youth had farmed on a weekly basis.


Common Good City Farm

Friday Aug. 3, 2012
12:30 TO 1:30 PM
V Street NW between 2nd and 4th

Contact: Stephanie Slewka 202 347-6002


WASHINGTON DC – Teenagers in Common Good City Farm’s summer youth program host Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA for a community lunch of healthy food they’ve helped grow in LeDroit Park, Washington DC.

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