Youth Employment Program

Summer Youth ProgramCommon Good City Farm offers a six week long paid Summer Youth Program for youth ages 14-17. Youth who complete the summer program are eligible to apply for a 6 week paid Fall and Spring Internship. Check out below for 2014 application information and highlights from our 2013 Summer Youth Program.

Summer Youth Program
During Common Good City Farm's Summer Youth Program, the youth farm on urban land, build raised garden beds, and prepare community lunches for neighbors, youth, and staff to come together to share the harvest. Youth also participate in workshops every week on issues of diversity awareness, hunger and homelessness, sustainable agriculture, and personal reflection.

2014 Details

In 2014, Common Good City Farm is proud to partner with the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program to put on our Summer Youth Program.
Program Dates: 6/30/14- 8/8/14
How to apply: All youth interested in participating this summer, must enroll through the District Department of Employment Services. Once accepted into the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program, youth will have an opportunity to select Common Good City Farm as their preferred opportunity. Click HERE to apply.
Application Deadline: 2/15/14
About the Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program: Visit the District Department of Employment Service's website for more information on the Summer Youth Employment Program.

Fall and Spring Internship
This fall, our youth interns will be leading volunteer work groups on the farm, conducting special farm enhancement projects, and sharing our work with others at Patagonia store in Georgetown, DC Green Festival, and Fit Kids Day at Deanwood Recreation Center , and volunteering with Martha’s Table and Capital Area Food Bank.

Returning SYP Participants: Apply for the Spring Internship today! The 6-week Spring Internship will run from April 7th to May 17th. Click HERE to download the application. Application deadline is Friday, March 14th!

Summer Youth Program 2013

We have concluded another successful Summer Youth Program (SYP)! After six weeks working together on the farm and building a community, we were sad to see this great group of youth go, but we are proud of all that was learned and accomplished this summer. We are also excited to bring back some of this year’s participants for our upcoming paid fall internship. Here’s a glimpse into some of their experiences from the summer:

Mondays during SYP were devoted to field trips around the greater DC area, providing the youth with exposure to farms very different than Common Good. We saw rural farms that are hundreds of times bigger than Common Good, and the youth had several opportunities to make friends with the chickens, pigs and cows that we encountered on our visits. Thank you so much to the following farms for hosting our summer youth and enriching their overall experience:

The rest of the week was spent at Common Good, where the youth learned hands-on farming skills; learning how to take care of plants from seed to harvest. Over the course of the summer, youth got the chance to build garden beds and prep the soil for planting, plant seeds and seedlings, and harvest a lot of our summer bounty. Along the way, they also learned about the importance of our compost system and got to try their hand at turning piles (though this smelly job garnered the most complaints!). Some of the youth even surprised us by saying that weeding was their favorite job to do!

In addition to farm work, enrichment workshops are a large part of the summer youth program. This summer the youth participated in a wide range of workshops, covering issues related directly to Common Good’s mission—exploring topics like sustainable agriculture practices, herbal healing, healthy eating, food justice, the hazards of processed foods—as well as workshops focused more on practical skills and job preparedness—topics like financial literacy, public speaking and journal writing. The youth also participated in a Smithsonian Gardens project to record the history of our farm – this project will be available on the Smithsonian Gardens website this fall! We had the pleasure of working with several partners to host many of these workshops, so thank you to the following organizations and individuals for working with our youth and providing such engaging content:

Another favorite part of the summer were the weekly community lunches we hosted on Fridays, where the youth got the chance to prepare a meal featuring produce from the farm, working under the direction of a local chef. The lunches were free and open to the community, so they were a great way for neighbors and friends to learn more about Common Good. Youth enjoyed the chance to hone their cooking skills, and loved showing guests around the farm before the weekly meal. Thank you so much to the following restaurants for working with our youth to cook delicious meals:

It was a busy summer, and over the course of six weeks—some days when the temperature tipped into the 100s, some days when it rained steadily all morning—it was a pleasure to watch the youth grow and acquire new skills and knowledge. We’re already looking forward to expanding on this summer’s success to gear up for next summer’s program!