Herbalism 101 Course

Echinacea 7-17-10 Dive deeper into a holistic plant study for medicine: learn how to form a relationship to learning about plants, learn how plants can be used in a holistic approach to gaining health, and learn how to choose plants for healing with this 8 week course taught by April Rameé of Antler Alchemy at Common Good City Farm.

**Each week, a new plant will be provided for each student to enjoy and add this plant to their persinal materia medica.**

We hope to offer an herbalism 2019. Check back later for more information.

The first two classes and the last class will meet at St. George's Church, 160 U St NW. All other classes will take place at Common Good City Farm, 300 V St NW.

In this program, you will:

Class 1 -

Intro to herbalism: Herbal preparations, plant dieting, and uncovering your inner herbalist.

Class 2 –

Herbal Actions and Materia Medica: Understanding the actions of plants, latin names, and how to build a materia medica.

Class 3 –

Four Qualities & Six Tissues States: How qualities of humans and plants correspond. Creating a better understanding of matching yourself and others to the right plants

Class 4 –

Herbal Tastes and Holistic Plant Application: How to use all the knowledge gained until now to bring a holistic approach to plant medicine.

Class 5 –

Intuitive Plant Medicine: Find your own plant ally, learn how to understand plant language, and how to identify plants.

Class 6 –

Digestion and Herbs: Learn about herbs to help balance one of the most important systems of the body where health is regulated.

Class 7 –

Nervous System and Herbs: Understanding how herbs support the nervous system, curb anxiety, and other many current day ailments.

Class 8 –

Making Herbal Medicines- Hands on learning on making herbal medicines and the closure of the course.

Contact josephine@commongoodcityfarm.org with any questions.
Two scholarship positions are available for income qualifying residents. To apply, please see here: https://goo.gl/forms/gC6fMTK4DlVLvs4Z2