Common Good City Farm will no longer be accepting food scraps

Critterproof Compost Bin
In the winter of 2014, we constructed a critterproof compost bin. The bin utilizes the same windrows system process, layering soil, food waste, and brown waste to create the conditions necessary for composting. The walled-in and raised design keeps out rats and other animals. Our structure was designed by Eriks Brolis of memeTree, and built with the assistance of DC Parks and Recreation's Josh Singer as part of their Community Compost Cooperative Network.

Adding woodchips, newspaper or other “browns” to the compost is critical to the compost bin working. Your food waste (“greens”) provides nitrogen to the compost, while these “browns” provide carbon. A 1:3 nitrogen to carbon ratio allows the compost to get hot and break down the organic matter in it. Moisture level and temperature are also important factors, and we monitor the windrows' temperature and moisture.