Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a relationship between customers and producers in which everyone shares the risks and rewards of farming. CSA customers are shareholders who commit in advance for a portion, or share, of foods that will be harvested throughout the season. It's a beautiful thing!

Is a CSA membership right for you?

Common Good City Farm offers both income-qualifying and full-price CSA shares to community members. Joining Common Good's CSA program is a great choice if you:

- Eat vegetables and like to cook
- Want to eat more whole, nutritious, delicious food
- Enjoy trying new foods and eating seasonally
- Want to support an urban farm in the heart of DC

If this sounds good to you, but a weekly commitment isn't a good fit or you want to pick out every vegetable you take home, check out our Market CSA option.

What's in it for you?

- The food is fresh! You’ll taste the freshness in your foods because you’ll pick up most crops the day they were harvested.

- You get to see your food being grown! If you have questions about our growing practices -- about soil fertility or nutrient management or pest control or weed control -- just stop by the farm and ask! We love talking about it, and we love sharing how we do things.

- Diverse diets are healthy diets! As a CSA member, you’ll discover new vegetable varieties and receive tips and recipes on how to prepare them.

- Eat seasonally. You’ll taste the changing seasons and learn when various vegetables thrive in our local climate.

- Eat locally. Common Good City Farm is right here in LeDroit Park, so if you live in that neighborhood or any of the surrounding neighborhoods -- Shaw, Bloomingdale, Eckington, etc. -- there's no food that's grown closer to you than this!

- Support urban agriculture! By buying vegetables before they’re harvested, you’re sharing the risks and rewards of small scale, ecologically sustainable urban farming. Your membership lends crucial support to this organization, demonstrating clearly that there can be good-food farms and pleasant green patches of earth in the middle of the city for generations to come.

- Oh, and it's cheaper! The security of your early commitment allows us to provide you with extra value. What's in your CSA share each week costs less than if you bought it all at our farmstand. That's how much we appreciate our CSA members!

What's in it for us?

- We get to develop deep relationships with the people who eat our food. We like food and farming a lot! It’s a treat for us to see our CSA members over the course of a season and talk with you about food, farming, and your CSA experience.

- We build community! We have customers who accept the uncertainties of farming. We want your CSA share to be a great value and a great experience. We’ll do everything we can to ensure an abundant share for you. However, when crop yields are low, we know you’ll be understanding.

- We have a positive impact on our communities. Our growing practices and our foods support a healthy city and healthy people. We like that.

2017 CSA Details

Our application deadline has passed for 2017, there are a few spots remaining for our income qualifying share. If interested fill out the application below. We ask each CSA member to meet with a member of the farm staff before the season begins to make sure you have all the needed information.

Common Good offers a 20-24 week CSA with two pricing structures. Both applications include an option to start the season early, these shares are more limited so submit your application quickly if you're interested in a spring CSA spot.

Apply Now!
Income Qualifying CSA Application (Intended for individuals and families who make less than a living wage, proof of income is required).

What might be in a typical CSA share?

Each CSA share will contain approximately 8 - 10 pounds of seasonal produce. Typical shares contain a variety of 5 - 9 different types of vegetables/herbs/fruits. We're committed to making sure the retail value of every box averages more than $20 over the course of the season and last year's average weekly value was $30.

For example, a CSA share in early August could include:
- basil
- beans
- collards
- cucumbers
- eggplant
- okra
- sweet peppers
- tomatoes
- zucchini

To learn more about what you might expect in your share throughout the growing season, please visit our What We Grow page.

CSA Pickup Details

Your CSA share will be available at the farm on Thursday each week from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. The farm is located on V Street NW, between 2nd and 4th Streets NW. The main entrance to the farm can be found along the East fence, with access right next to the Park at LeDroit's playground.

Our farmstand will be open during those pickup hours, so if you ever want to augment your CSA share with more collards, tomatoes, okra, or anything else that's available, you can buy more right then and there

If you know you're going to miss the pickup, please let us know in advance, sometimes we can work out an alternate arrangement, or we will donate your share.

Sponsor a Share

Do you want to help promote food security and sustainability in the DC community? You can make fresh, healthy produce available to under-served residents of DC by sponsoring a CSA share. Just $200 can pay for a household for an entire season! Make a donation today.

Any Questions?

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