About Us

Our Mission is to grow food, educate, and help low-income DC community members meet their food needs. Our Vision is to serve as a replicable model of a community-based urban food system.

Common Good City Farm's programs provide hands-on training in food production, healthy eating and environmental sustainability. The Farm itself serves as a demonstration site to individuals, organizations and government agencies in the DC Metro area. The site and our programs integrate people of all ages, classes and races to create vibrant and safe communities.

The Need

Unhealthy eating habits and lack of access to fresh food are a crisis for many Americans and the problem is acute in some district neighborhoods. The US Surgeon General estimates that since 1980 obesity in the United States has more than doubled among children ages 2-5 and more than tripled among those ages 6-19. In the LeDroit Park community where Common Good City Farm is, one third of the residents live in poverty. At least one in five are overweight. Nearly one in 10 has diabetes. A lack of affordable, fresh produce is a factor related to each of these health concerns. We hope our programs will serve as an agent of change in the DC community to help combat these disturbing trends.

What We're Doing

Urban community agriculture can be found in cities across the country and the world. These farms and gardens not only directly provide fresh food to people, but also provide a safe outdoor setting to learn, grow and nourish. This relationship ultimately leads to the development of strong communities. Since 2007 Common Good City Farm has taught over 1100 DC residents in workshops, engaged over 2100 DC school children, and hosted over 2500 volunteers. In 2013, Common Good City Farm provided over 5,200 pounds of fresh vegetables to low-income DC families.

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