Honoring Tricia McCauley

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Common Good City Farm is dedicated to honoring the memory of our beloved friend and longtime herbalist, Tricia McCauley. Our hope is to use our farm, in particular the medicinal herb garden, as Tricia did for so many years - as a place to grow, learn, love, laugh, and connect. So many of Tricia's loved ones have developed beautiful ways to keep her in our hearts, we have listed the ways in which we can collectively honor Tricia at Common Good City Farm below.

The Tricia McCauley Memorial Fund
Friends and family of Tricia, in partnership with Common Good City Farm, are honoring her legacy through the creation of the Tricia McCauley Memorial Fund. The fund will preserve Tricia's love of herbalism and teaching through supporting the ongoing cultivation of the medicinal herb garden, now the The Tricia McCauley Memorial Herb Garden, as well as herbalism workshops at Common Good City Farm. To make a contribution to the Tricia McCauley Memorial Fund, please click here.

The Tricia McCauley Memorial Herb Garden
The medicinal herb garden that Tricia lovingly tended will serve as a living memorial to her legacy. The cultivation of the garden will be funded by the Tricia McCauley Memorial Fund and supported by a network of herbalism volunteers, most of whom are alumni of Tricia's Herbal Apprenticeship Program. If you are interested in volunteering in the herb garden, please email Josephine@commongoodcityfarm.org. The dedication of the Tricia McCauley Memorial Herb Garden took place Saturday, April 15th at Common Good City Farm's Season Opener event.

A Tribute to Tricia
The staff at Common Good City Farm would like to create a tribute to Tricia. We have not decided on the final medium yet, and this will depend on the submissions that we receive, but we are looking to create both a tribute online and one that lives at the farm. We are working to collect stories and photos that you may wish to share about Tricia to create a tribute to celebrate her life. If you are willing to share your story, please click here or email Josephine@commongoodcityfarm.org