Field Trips

School Field Trip Visits at Common Good City Farm

Chaperoned classes are invited to tour the farm and receive hands-on farm education. Visits are 90 minutes long and topics and activities can include:

  • Planting & plant needs
  • Composting & worms
  • Harvesting & tasting
  • Insects & pollinators
  • Hands-on farm work
  • Food deserts and food access in DC

    Field trip focus can be tailored to specific class requests, and the material covered meets DCPS standards. Students are engaged in physical activity on the farm, from weeding to sifting compost, in order to reinforce learning.

    Field trips are held on Thursday mornings from April- October (other dates by special request). We can accommodate a maximum of 25 students per field trip, and schools are responsible for arranging their own transport to the farm, which is accessible via Metro and several Metro bus routes.

    Cost: In order to cover the cost of staff, materials and upkeep on the farm, schools are charged a fee for field trips on the farm. Fees are based on the percentage of students eligible for Free or Reduced Price meals (FRP):

    50-100% of students eligible for FRP= $100.00 per field trip

    0-50% of students eligible for FRP = $200.00 per field trip

    * Fees must be paid in full in advance of the field trip.

    If you have any questions, or if you wish to discuss your school's specific needs, please contact

    We received a DC Farm to School stamp of approval from our friends at DC Greens! Check out this video trailer made by DC Greens to get a taste of what a field trip to Common Good City Farm looks like: Watch here.